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Payment & Refund Terms

Payment Terms

  • All rates shall be quoted in INR unless demanded otherwise.

  • All invoices shall be issued according to schedule using your chosen payment form. We accept payment only via PayU, Bank Transfer,  International Bank Transfer or through PayPal. Payments are not approved via Cryptocurrency.

  • An admin surcharge is paid for PayPal rendered payments.

  • Milestone payments shall be made within 5 working days of each milestone / schedule, except where mutually agreed. The final payment must be made before going live on the website / application / project.

  • Payment receipt is considered to be acceptance of quotation, achievement, completion, mission, and terms and conditions.

Refund Terms

  • Remember that all sales are final. Our editing services offer no refunds. The deposits of 50% are non-refundable for design research. Refunds for the remaining construction costs are only available for a span of 7 days following payment of the security payment. Refund requests made after the initial project start period of 7 days won't be considered.

  • Sariya Designs has the authority to offer and refund a reasonable portion of the fee paid to the requested service by the customer.

  • If you cancel your order after making the payment but the work has not begun, we will refund 75% of the payment you have already made. If the order is canceled after work has finished, the maximum refund or fee of the invoice would be 50%. There will be no refund or modification if cancelation is called after more than 50% of the job is done or if any request for refund is made after the 28 day span after the actual beginning of the project work.

  • All cancelations must be sent in writing and submitted via email. Telephone cancelation requests won't be approved.

Additional Payment Terms

  • Payments must be made either in advance or as per the terms specified in the invoice / proposal for minor or once-off works, such as editing services. All payments should be made in full and no refunds are available for these types of plays. If you need any changes to the terms and conditions, you must contact us in writing (accepted e-mails) within two working days of receiving the same.

  • Late payments and penalties: from the due date, all outstanding invoices will incur a late payment charge of 10% of the unpaid amount and an administration fee of 5% interest per month.

  • If you are late with a payment or have any questions about the Invoice, please contact us immediately upon receipt of the invoice or e-mail reminder.

  • All communications / contact is usually made via emails. This is the duty of the client to keep us posted with their email addresses in question.

  • Any charge relating to the maintenance or hosting of the domain name registration or any third party goods or services obtained on behalf of the customer shall be payable in full and shall not be refundable. We must be told at least 30 days before the renewal date in case of any renewal cancellations.

  • In our own WIX Pro accounts, Sariya Designs typically creates and checks WIX websites. Only after complete payment of all invoices and fees will the website be moved to the client's WIX account.

Due Date : Is the date with which payment is due according to the invoice / proposal conditions.

Unpaid Invoice : An invoice shall be declared to be unpaid if the bill is still due after 14 days after the due date expires.

Deficit Collection : A further 7 days after the late payment charge is levied for payment of the invoice is charged to customer. The non-payment would result in the outstanding balance going to a debt collector. Sariya Designs shall not be liable for any costs or charges relating to the recovery of the outstanding amount. Any charges associated with recovery (debt collectors, administration) of the outstanding amount charges, legal fees) shall be returned to the customer for payment.

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